About Us

High Definition Television is a relatively new concept, although it has been around for a decade and a half or so, consumers are just really getting a grasp of the concept. Our company has been around since about 1995, in and around the industry, surviving the ups and downs of the business, weathering most storms in the telecommunications web of wires of all sorts from television, telephone, cable, satellite, surveillance, internet, VOIP, CAT5 & CAT6e just to name a few. Although, we do still offer most of these services and or products on our product and services page.

The device we are introducing is not like the typical things seen on television for High Definition reception where you attach something to your television and mount it to a wall or a window or something like that, as a matter of fact, it is a simple as hooking your “old” cable wire to your High Definition television and not have to worry about “TV situation again”. Now let’s be clear on one thing, these are over the air channels, the ones that are free and the cable company charges you for them along with a slue of other pay channels you don’t have time to watch anyway. Take one moment and think about it, now how much of your programming you and your family watch that is on local television and if most of your programming consists of channels you see on this page, then this is the product for you. 100% Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our product.